Festival of Wine

Vignanello (VT) • August 5 day…

Every year, from 10th to 15th August Vignanello "toast" to its flagship product: The wine! For six consecutive evenings, the ancient village is transformed into a veritable riot of colors and intoxicating scents, including guided tastings of wines and typical products. [..]

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Festival of wine and Olive Oil

Vignanello (VT) • November - 6 day…

An occasion to celebrate the new season of Wine and Olive Oil. The flavors and aromas dominating the medieval streets of Vignanello will in fact be those of the grapes just transformed into the "nectar of Bacchus" and the olives in the middle of the milling. [..]

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Infiorata Del Corpus Domini

Vignanello (VT) • June - 1 day…

Vignanello's infiorata has very ancient roots dating back to the 1800s. Thanks to the contribution of the whole community of the village young and old, the streets of the ancient village are covered by an uninterrupted floral carpet, made up exclusively of flower and plant materials. [..]

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Candle Festivals

Vallerano (VT) • August - 1 day…

A unique fairy tale evening with over 100,000 candles illuminating the wonderful village of Vallerano [..]

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The Macchina of Santa Rosa Amazing sight

Viterbo • 3rd Settember - 1 day…

Every year on the evening of 3 September 100 men called "Facchini di Santa Rosa" (porters of Saint Rose) hoist the Macchina (30 metre high tower) and carry it through the very narrow streets and squares of the medieval town centre of Viterbo. [..]

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The Chestnut Festival

Soriano Nel Cimino (VT) • October - 3 day…

On this day of celebration, the town is dressed in medieval style along all the streets, evoking real events or ancient beliefs handed down from generation to generation. [..]

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